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Courtclean 1 Gallon Sprayer

Courtclean 1 Gallon Sprayer

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Introducing the Courtclean® 1-Gallon Sprayer 

Our Ultimate Cleaning Companion!

The Courtclean® 1-Gallon Sprayer is a transparent, poly molded sprayer designed to meet your spot cleaning needs in high traction areas. Its compact and portable design also makes it ideal for large area cleaning. Built to industrial standards and chemical resistant, this sprayer is both durable and efficient.

Key Features:

  • Poly Molded, Heavy-Duty Design: The Courtclean® 1-Gallon Sprayer is built to last with its sturdy poly molded construction, ensuring it can withstand rigorous use.

  • Funnel Top for Easy Filling: The funnel top allows for convenient and environmentally friendly filling, making refilling a breeze.

  • Braided Chemical Resistant Hose: The sprayer is equipped with a braided chemical resistant hose, providing extra strength and durability to handle various cleaning solutions.

  • Valve Locks: The sprayer is designed with a valve that can lock off to prevent accidental discharge and lock on for constant spraying, giving you control over the cleaning process.

  • Fan Tip for Optimal Distribution: The Courtclean® 1-Gallon Sprayer comes with a fan tip, ensuring the cleaning solution is evenly distributed for efficient and effective cleaning.

  • Internal Pressure Release Valve: The sprayer features an internal pressure release valve that ensures the pressure does not exceed 55 psi, eliminating the need for an external pressure relief valve and reducing the risk of breakage.

Experience the ease and convenience of the Courtclean® 1-Gallon Sprayer. Whether for spot cleaning or large area cleaning, this sprayer is designed to provide optimal performance at an economical price. Trust in its durability and efficiency as you maintain a clean and inviting environment for your courts and surfaces. Elevate your cleaning routine with the Courtclean® 1-Gallon Sprayer and enjoy hassle-free and effective spot cleaning wherever you need it.

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