Keyclean Game Mop

Experience professional-level cleanliness wherever you go with the highly efficient Keyclean Pro Sweat Mop. Its large 18" x 24" surface ensures full coverage for swift clean-ups, perfect for sports facilities and beyond. Specially designed microfiber pads swiftly absorb sweat and moisture, reducing slip and fall risks for enhanced safety.


NBA Equipment Managers Association

We work closely with the NBAEMA (equipment managers association) to provide the most effective Game Mops for sweat and spill clean up.


Sweat Mops

Our sweat mops work on all types of surfaces, even a wrestling mat

Premium Courtclean Package - Courtclean-temporary

Get 2 for

Baseline to Baseline Coverage

Every Keyclean order comes with 2 Keyclean's and 2 Microfiber pads for baseline to baseline coverage.

Customized Keyclean

Key Keyclean, you can customize your cleaning experience. Showcase your spirit and pride by adding you teams logo or monetize your sweat mops by using it for ad space.

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