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TKH332 - 10" Hoopclean Replacement Pad

TKH332 - 10" Hoopclean Replacement Pad

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Introducing the 10" Hoopclean Replacement Pad, the ideal solution for maintaining the Hoopclean Backboard System in top-notch condition.

Features of the 10" Hoopclean Replacement Pad:

1. Premium Microfiber: Crafted from 100% high-quality microfiber, this pad is designed for optimal cleaning performance.

2. Enhanced Fiber Length: The pad boasts a fiber length of 16mm, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning.

3. High Water Retention: With extra padding, this replacement pad can retain a significant amount of water, making it perfect for effective cleaning.

4. Machine Washable: After use, simply toss the pad in the washing machine for easy and convenient cleaning.

5. Long-lasting: The pad is built with high tear and wear resistance, ensuring it can withstand regular use without losing its effectiveness.

Keep your Hoopclean Backboard System in pristine condition with the reliable and durable 10" Hoopclean Replacement Pad. It guarantees excellent cleaning performance and efficient removal of dirt and debris from your backboards, helping to maintain optimal playing conditions on the court.
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