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Hoopclean Backboard System w/ 8' Pole

Hoopclean Backboard System w/ 8' Pole

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Introducing the Hoopclean Backboard System:
Key Features of the Hoopclean Backboard System:

1. High-Quality Microfiber: The Hoopclean system comes with a 100% high-quality microfiber pad with a fiber length of 16mm. The microfiber pad's extra padding ensures excellent water retention, making the cleaning process efficient.

2. Machine Washable and Durable: The microfiber pad is machine washable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. Its high tear and wear resistance guarantee durability for prolonged use.

3. 8' Extendable Pole: The Hoopclean Backboard System includes an 8-foot extendable pole, enabling you to easily reach and clean the backboard without using a ladder.

4. Adaptable Angle: The system's angle can be adjusted to 10°, 25°, or 40°, providing versatile cleaning options for different backboard surfaces and angles.

5. Super Smooth Swivel Movement: The Hoopclean features a super smooth swivel movement, allowing for effortless cleaning motions and seamless operation.

6. Swivel Lock Button: The system also comes with a swivel lock button, ensuring stability during the cleaning process.

To use the Hoopclean Backboard System, simply apply the microfiber pad to wash the backboard, and then flip the pad over to use the squeegee, resulting in a crystal-clear finish.

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