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Keyclean Pro| Sweat Mop | 18" Round | Qty. 2

Keyclean Pro| Sweat Mop | 18" Round | Qty. 2

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The Keyclean Pro Sweat Mop in an 18" round size, comes in a set of 2.

Now includes two Toolflex wall mounts! 

Clean on the go and play like a pro with this highly efficient sweat mop. Its large surface provides full coverage for quick clean-up, making it perfect for sports facilities and various other settings. The Keyclean Pro Sweat Mop features specially designed microfiber pads that rapidly absorb sweat and moisture, reducing the potential for slip and fall accidents that can lead to serious injuries.

Key Features of the Keyclean Pro Sweat Mop:

1. High Absorbency: The microfiber pads are highly absorbent, allowing them to quickly soak up sweat and moisture, keeping the surface dry and safe for use.

2. Companion to Courtclean: The Keyclean Pro Sweat Mop is designed to work seamlessly with the Courtclean system, ensuring quick pickup of moisture and dirt for a clean and safe playing surface.

Uses of the Keyclean Pro Sweat Mop:

- Hardwood Floors
- Office Floors
- Store Aisles
- Hospitals
- Hallways
- Industrial Warehouses
- Fitness Centers
- Churches
- Racquetball Courts
- Basketball Courts
- Residential Floors
- And more...

Benefits of the Keyclean Pro Sweat Mop:

- Super Absorbent
- Dries Quickly
- Lightweight and Compact
- Easily Adjustable
- Lint Free
- Cleans, Polishes, and Buffs
- Eliminates Germs, Mites, Fungus, Mold, and Bacteria

Toolflex Quick Connect Wall Mounts

Store, organize, and quickly access your Keyclean PRO mops along with your other brooms and floor care products.
• Securely grips various-sized handles (diameters 0.5 in to 1.5 in), contours, and shapes
• Easily adjust, reposition, remove and add holders, or expand by adding rails
• Ultra-hygienic, food contact-safe, NSF Certified design
• NEW and improved hinged, mounting brackets for easy installation using included template, QR code, screws, and anchors. Mounting into studs is recommended, but users decide on the distance between holes when screwing in brackets
• Sustainable, recyclable materials

Watch the Keyclean Pro in Action:

[See the Keyclean Pro in Action!]

The Keyclean Pro Sweat Mop is an essential tool for maintaining a clean and safe environment in various settings, particularly sports facilities. Its exceptional absorbency, quick-drying properties, and effective cleaning capabilities make it a valuable asset for any facility. Ensure your surfaces remain clean and ready for optimal performance with the Keyclean Pro Sweat Mop.

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